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Kayo 3d models

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 Low Poly
Low Poly police, warhammer, destiny, soldier, ninja, cyberpunk, motorcycle, finalfantasy, final, cyborg, engine, metalgear, gunblade, warframe, sportsbike, excalibur, vehicledesign, cybernetic, perseus, spaceninjas, cyberpunk-2077, character, vehicle, lowpoly, scifi, military, futuristic, robot, person, hisqie, valorant, spaceninja, kayo, hisqiefurqoni
Model's Description:
Low Poly 3D Model. Download Low Poly in various files formats such as Wavefront Object format, Autodesk FBX, DirectX 9.0, Stereo Lithography and HTML5 JSON format.
NOTE! Download the ” Additional File ” to get all file. (Original File) Low Poly - Cybernetic Soldier Perseus** 3D model made in Blender 3.1 (FBX file) This model contains: Perseus Rigged Model (Constraint Rig) (Blend File) Perseus Rigged Model (Non-Constraint Rig) (Blend & FBX File) Perseus Unrigged Model (Blend and FBX File) . 1 Gunblade . 2 Different Outfit Designs (Perseus) . 4 Color variations / Outfit (Perseus) . 4 Different Textures (Weapon) . 1 Motorcycle . 4 Texture variations (Motorcycle) 1 bonus human head (with 4 different hair color variations) (However, if you use a human head, the total triangles become: 60,190 tris.)  3D Details : Perseus details: Subdiv 0 : Verts : 12,816 Faces : 12,334 Tris : 24,574 Motorcycle details: Subdiv 0 Verts :10,507 Faces : 10,269 Tris : 20,211 - Low Poly - Cybernetic Soldier Perseus - Complete - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by Hisqie Furqoni (@hisqiefurqoni) 3D Model is ready to download for free, this model contains 55893 polygons.
 55,893 polygons  Download 


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