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  Tekken 7 Training 3D Model 2019-09-26
Tekken 7 Training Dummy 3d model
Tekken 7 Training Tekken-7-Training Tekken 7 Training Tekken 7 Training-2 360
Tekken 7 Training 3d model
  Faces :9,382 Textured :Yes (32) Animated :Possible
  Vertices :5,590 UV Mapping :Yes
  Model's Description:
  Tekken 7 Training 3D Model, Optimized by RigModels.com, Fully textured with UV Mapping and materials.
  Download Tekken 7 Training in various files formats such as Wavefront Object format, DirectX 9.0, Stereo Lithography and HTML5 JSON format.
  Tekken 7 Training Dummy 3D Model is ready to download for free with 32 Texture files attached, this model contains 9382 polygons and 5590 vertices.
  Model's rating is (3.5) based on 7 Votes.
  Model is classified as Human/Character, standing in ( T ) Pose, ready to Rig and Animate automatically by our system.
  Download :   (69 Hits)

Textures attached with this model: (32 files)
[Arm.png]  [ArmSPEC.png]  [ArmLIGHT.png]  [ArmBUMP.png]  [Face.png]  [FaceSPEC.png]  [FaceLIGHT.png]  [FaceBUMP.png]  [Feet.png]  [FeetSPEC.png]  [FeetLIGHT.png]  [FeetBUMP.png]  [Hands.png]  [HandsSPEC.png]  [HandsLIGHT.png]  [HandsBUMP.png]  [Joint.png]  [JointSPEC.png]  [JointLIGHT.png]  [JointBUMP.png]  [Legs.png]  [LegsSPEC.png]  [LegsLIGHT.png]  [LegsBUMP.png]  [Neck.png]  [NeckSPEC.png]  [NeckLIGHT.png]  [NeckBUMP.png]  [Torso.png]  [TorsoSPEC.png]  [TorsoLIGHT.png]  [TorsoBUMP.png
  Tags:  robot  android  character  man 
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