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Crocodillia 3d models

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 Swimming Purussaurus Scul
Swimming Purussaurus Sculpt stl, crocodile, paleontology, reptile, rick, alligator, paleoart, paleo, caiman, miocene, purussaurus, 3d, model, paleoartist, stikkelorum, crocodillia
Model's Description:
Swimming Purussaurus Sculpt 3D Model. Download Swimming Purussaurus Sculpt in various files formats such as Wavefront Object format, Autodesk FBX, DirectX 9.0, Stereo Lithography and HTML5 JSON format.
Digital model I made for a client. (Second Pose) - Swimming Purussaurus Sculpt - 3D model by RickStikkelorum (@ricksticky) 3D Model is ready to download for free, this model contains 655306 polygons.
 655,306 polygons  Download 


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