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  Kairi Girl 3D Model 2019-09-21
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Kairi Girl 3d model
Kairi Girl Kairi-Girl 360
  Faces :83,064 Textured :Yes (14) Animated :No
  Vertices :249,192 UV Mapping :Yes
  Model's Description:
  Kairi Girl 3D Model, Fully textured with UV Mapping and materials.
  Download Kairi Girl in various files formats such as Wavefront Object format, DirectX 9.0, Stereo Lithography and HTML5 JSON format.
  Kingdom Hearts 3 - Kairi Girl 3D Model is ready to download for free with 14 Texture files attached, this model contains 83064 polygons and 249192 vertices.
  Model's rating is (3) based on 20 Votes.
  Model is classified as Human/Character, standing in ( I ) Pose.
  Download :   (470 Hits)

Textures attached with this model: (14 files)
[Kairi_SkinBoots_D.png]  [Kairi_Clothes_D.png]  [Kairi_Hood_D.png]  [Kairi_Acc_D.png]  [Kairi_Eye_D.png]  [Kairi_Face_D.png]  [Kairi_Mouth_D.png]  [Kairi_Hair_D.png]  [Kairi_Lashes_D.png]  [Kairi_Acc_M.png]  [Kairi_Clothes_M.png]  [Kairi_Duct_D.png]  [Kairi_Eye_M.png]  [Kairi_Hair_M.png
  Tags:  Kingdom-Hearts  KH  girl  female  woman  people  human  character  cute  hentai 
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